Being a homeowner is a beautiful thing, given the fact that you no longer need to pay for rent and you can do anything that you want in your house. You have the freedom to change the interior design style, paint rooms in your favorite colors, upgrade the countertops, change your doors, and a lot more; the possibilities are endless. However, being a homeowner comes with big responsibilities when it comes to maintenance.

This is especially true of your home’s exterior; an important aspect that is often overlooked in favor of focusing on the inside. To help you out, discover the best tips for house exterior cleaning below.

Exterior cleaning

#1 Use a Pressure Hose

When it comes to cleaning your house exterior, you should always remove any visible dirt, algae, or rust first, to improve your house’s overall appearance and give you an idea of any specialist treatments needed to clean problem areas. If you don’t have the right equipment or the time to spare, you can hire pressure cleaning services for an efficient and high-quality result.

You should be able to clean every inch of your home’s exterior at least once a year. Ensure that you’re using the right pressure to target specific areas for effective cleaning.

#2 Clean Your Gutters

People often forget to clean their gutters, as it’s difficult to reach that high required to see if there are any leaves or other debris that could hinder the flow of water.

It’s understandable to believe that cleaning gutters is unnecessary, since debris will just wash away from the rain, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Regular gutter maintenance ensures that all debris is cleared, and any structural issues are identified before they become serious – and expensive – problems.

Ideally, you must have your gutters cleaned and inspected once a year to identify any developing issues you may need to prevent or repair.

#3 Clean Your Driveway

It’s impossible to keep a car 100% clean all the time. Wet roads and outdoor adventures mean muddy tires, and that’s going to transfer to your driveway as soon as you return home.

No matter how much you try to clean it, some dirt might accumulate on the surface of your driveway, making it difficult to remove with regular brushing. To effectively remove the grime, you should use a pressure washer and let it do the hard work for you. In just a few minutes, your driveway will be as good as new.

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#4 Clean Your Windows

Since you’re already cleaning the exterior of your home, you might want to clean your outside windows as well. If you live in an area where dirt is prominent, make this a regular part of your maintenance regime.

When cleaning your windows, you should choose appropriate detergents and scrub every part of the glass and frame, which will allow you to enjoy view of the outside when you’re snuggled up indoors.

#5 Clean Your Patio or Deck

While you focus on your household’s walls, gutters, windows, and driveway, you shouldn’t forget that your patio needs tidying up, too. Ensure that all parts of the patio, including the floor, walls, and furniture, are spruced up, using cleaning solutions appropriate to their materials.

#6 Wipe Your Outdoor Lighting

You might have noticed that your outdoor lights are duller than usual. Often, this is the result of grime, dust, or tree sap on the surface. Luckily, it’s easily to clean your lighting and restore its radiance.

You should try to wipe down the lighting fixture with a microfiber cloth for exterior cleaning. It’s also worth changing the bulbs if they’re starting to wear out after a long period of use. Dated lighting design can easily be refreshed with new styles, and this can also modernize your outdoor spaces.


After a thorough cleaning of your household furniture and interiors, you should proceed with your home’s exteriors. Cleaning your house exterior can be tiring work, especially if you plenty of outdoor space. Luckily, it’s also highly rewarding, and there are experts who can help to keep your exteriors squeaky clean.

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