If you’re growing tired of the look and feel of a room of your house, you might be tempted to jump into some major renovations to reshape and restyle it. This can be very expensive. There may be some other options to consider that will be both effective and affordable in changing the style of the room.

Here are 5 ways to enhance a room without having to renovate.

Enhance the Style of a Room

Upgrade the Curtains or Blinds

When you think about how much wall space your windows take up in a room, the attributes of this can have a big impact. For example, if the house is older, the curtains might seem outdated. If they came with the house when it was built, they may also be cheap and low quality.

If you currently have curtains, you might like to change their color and type. Adding a layer of sheer will allow you to open the outer curtains whilst letting in light and keeping up a degree of privacy. If you are low on space, you might consider replacing curtains with blackout blinds, which are more compact.

Install a Skylight

Natural light can be a great way to brighten a room during the day without using electricity. This can really brighten the room without having to open a window so that you can maintain your privacy.

If you are considering skylights, it will need to be installed by a professional. A skylight installation is a quick and affordable way to transform a room and make your ceilings appear higher without the need to renovate. You will also be surprised by how much electricity you will save when you no longer need to turn the lights on during the day.

Repaint the Room

There’s nothing like adding a fresh coat of paint to a room to make it feel fresh and new. Older houses might have marks on the walls or use unappealing shades of whites. If the house is from the early 2000s there might be an outdated feature wall that doesn’t look as modern as it used to.

Making the walls look fresh and clean again will make the whole place feel like brand new. Stick with a modern and neutral shade of white instead of trying to get too creative. Painting your home isn’t very fun, so you won’t want to have to do it again for a long time. Use your furniture to make a statement rather than the walls.

Upgrade the Furniture

The easiest thing to change in your home is the furniture. It’s amazing how much your furniture can impact the feel of a room. If you have been collecting pieces of furniture over the years that don’t quite match, try going to your local furniture store and find an entire suite of matching furniture that goes together perfectly.

When buying all your furniture for a room from the same place you will save on delivery and get everything at the same time. Be sure to dispose of your old furniture thoughtfully either by selling it or donating it. Avoid sending it to the dump unless it is unsalvageable.

Add Some Indoor Plants

There’s no better way to bring more life into the house than with some real indoor plants. There are a lot of options for great indoor plants depending on where you live. Some of these might work well with the skylight or curtains if they require some sunlight.

Take natural light into consideration when choosing where to place these. Be careful to ensure plants get the appropriate amount of sunlight, as some indoor plants prefer to be kept in the shade.

Tying all of these elements together could make rooms of your home look brand new and your family will love it. All without expensive renovations.

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