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7 Elements Every Modern Home Needs
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Too Hot to Handle: Designing Your Home for Warmer Climates

It sounds like the dream, but in reality, living in a warm climate brings on all sorts of considerations. Nobody wants to live in a hot sweat, yet a poor building design can lead to this happening each and every day.

While we don’t claim to solve all of your cooling conundrums, today’s article will outline some of the areas of your home you can look to design better in a bid to keep you cool all-year round.

Feeling cool at home

Installing air conditioning from the start

One of the worst possible mistakes you can make when it comes to the design of your home in a warm climate is not thinking about air conditioning units from the outset.

Sure, you can fit these units retrospectively, but they can be intrusive and it can be more costly. If you can fit them when your property is first built, you’ll find that they are much more discreet and don’t blight the aesthetics of your home as much.

Let’s not forget that this industry has changed a lot over the last few years as well; now HVAC contractors in the Dallas area, for example, are much easier to source, so any issues you do get with these systems aren’t going to dent your bank balance significantly.

The power of energy efficient appliances

We have been told for years about how much money energy efficient appliances can save us.

However, let’s not forget the heat benefits here. If you have an old, clunky appliance installed, there’s every chance that it is emitting a lot of heat as it gets to work. After all, that’s the scientific side effect.

If you turn to efficient devices meanwhile, you will find that these heat levels drop. Particularly in areas like the kitchen, you might be surprised at the difference this can make.

Insulation works both ways

When we usually speak about insulation, we do it in relation to cold climates. After all, the authorities in these regions preach how important it is to fill your loft and walls with as much insulation as possible, just to prevent the cold air coming in.

Well, similar rules apply with warm climates. In other words, having masses of insulation is something that can stop the warm air entering your home as well. However, there is a caveat. There are certain types of insulation which are more suited to warmer weather than others, so make sure you take this into account when installing yours.

Be smart with your glazing choices

As we all know, windows aren’t what they were several decades ago. First, we had double-glazed options, then triple, and now we have solutions which cover those special circumstances.

Hot weather falls into the above circumstances and it is now possible to purchase UV-blocking glass to help you along your way. As the name suggests, this helps block those powerful UV rays from breaching your property, meaning that you can live a much cooler lifestyle.

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