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When it comes to the home, every room has a function and purpose. Some of the purposes and functions of certain rooms don’t necessarily get utilized in its appropriate room, but nonetheless, the functions of certain rooms do get utilized whether it’s in the right room or not.

For example, the kitchen is where you prepare, cook, and eat food. The living room is a common room where family and friends gather for entertainment. Your bedroom is where you rest and go to sleep. Now, we as humans have tendencies to eat where we sleep and sleep where we watch TV. It’s common… everybody does it, but that doesn’t make it right!

Breakfast in bed

There are typically two places in a home where the functions and purposes do not cross. Can you guess where those two locations are? Well, if you guessed the bathroom and home office, then you’re absolutely right! No one is going to eat in the bathroom, and people don’t go to their home office for entertainment… they go there to work.

In terms of the home office, just because it is used specifically for business matters, that doesn’t mean that it can’t have “home” touches. If you’re someone who has your own business, you don’t have to settle for the metal desks stuck between the three walls of a cubicle. You have the freedom to decorate and personalize your office the way you want.

Woman in a home office

As an entrepreneur, you will need ample space to let your creative juices flow, whether you’re looking to start the initial set up of your website, or if you’re already established and just running daily operations of your business, the set up of your office does play an important role in how productive your business can be depending on your work environment.

For the entrepreneur who’s corporate office is centered at home, be sure that you take time out to give yourself a positive working environment to produce the best results for your business.


The fact that you will more than likely be spending many hours in your home office means that you don’t want to sell yourself short on space. With your business being run at home, you have the luxury to give yourself a space that’s just as important as any other room in your home for specific purposes and functions.

Spacious home office

Because location is everything, you want to choose a space to base your home office that is free from distractions. This aspect is especially important if you will be having clients come to visit you on occasion. If you work best in a more quiet type of environment then you want to base your office in a more secluded area of your home.


This is the area where you want to get office supplies that not only serve the purpose in helping your business run smoother, but it also adds to the aesthetics of your office… it’s okay to actually enjoy where you work!

Feminine home office

You will want to consider all the things you need in your office that add ease to your workflow before buying furniture. Things like shelving, a desk, desk lamp, etc… It’s important to figure those things out first because your home office should actually complement the other rooms in your home.


As mentioned earlier, your office is going to be where you’ll be spending most of your time; an extension of that is your chair is really where you’ll be spending that time, so you definitely don’t want to be cheap in that area. You should be able to find a chair that will truly give you what you’re paying for, and that is appeal and comfort.


Since this office space is your personal office, you can step away from the traditional office colors of white and beige(unless that’s what you like). You also have the freedom to step away from the rules and philosophies of the color spectrum that dictate which colors evoke which types of emotions that work best in an office setting.

Green home office

If you like the color green, then paint the walls of your office green! The whole idea of customizing your office is to customize it to where you and your business will thrive and if it goes against traditional standards, then so be it!


This part of your decor is fun because these are the little touches that truly personalize your office space. You might set a pretty mug on your desk or little notepads that reflect your personality. It’s these little touches that make you feel at home in your place of business.


Many home offices aren’t as big as bedrooms so, while your office isn’t as small as a hallway closet, it also probably isn’t as big as an office building office, so with taking that into consideration, you want to make sure you organize effectively.

Home office organization

Floating shelves on the wall and drawers, help to get clutter off your desk such as papers and folders, especially for documentation that doesn’t necessarily need to be at arm’s reach. Papers and that you utilize for normal work functions should all be stored within your desk or on your desk so that you can easily access it. You kind of have to organize your office in order of priority.


Now, there’s not too much you can do to change the look of your computer and printer, but the cords don’t have to be visible… cords are huge eyesores in an office. You can tame your cords by way of winders, feeding the cords into a desk grommet, and a wire organizer attached to the desk.


This is not necessarily an area for you to get cocky or conceited, it’s simply an area for motivation, whether it be little knick-knacks, a family photo, or your framed degrees… whatever it is, it should inspire and motivate you every time you set foot in your office!

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