Incredibly Trendy Living Room Design Ideas
Incredibly Trendy Living Room Design Ideas
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Room Reinvention: What’s Involved in Converting a Small Space into a Room

With the price of real-estate being so high these days, many people have to come up with creative ways to utilize the space that they already have. If you are looking to add another bedroom to the mix, having less space to work with can make things slightly more difficult. However, with the right approach, you can make the most of your small spaces and turn them into bright, welcoming areas for you and your family to enjoy. Even something as simple as skylights can add the illusion of more space without actually creating it. There are many tricks to making a small space seem bigger and more functional, you just have to use your imagination and creativity.

Room reinvention

Whether you are looking to turn that old office into something more livable, convert your garage or maybe change the sunroom into a sleeping space, there are ways to make small spaces into new and more usable rooms. The trick is not to think about the amount of space that you are restricted by, but how you can use it effectively and functionally.

Continue reading to learn more about doing a makeover on your small space and how you can make the most of your limited spaces.

Natural Light

There is nothing quite like having plenty of natural light from the sun to bring new life to a room. It brightens everything up, makes the room look bigger, and even gives us a healthy dose of vitamin D. If your small space is located on an outside portion of the home, this is a perfect opportunity to install a window or two to let more light in. If it is part of the home’s interior you can always look at adding a skylight to allow natural light to flow in and illuminate the space. Natural light is sure to make any space more inviting for anyone looking to rest, relax and unwind.

Use the Right Furniture

The right furniture can add a lot to a small space, especially if it is multi-functional. Try to find furniture that is appropriately sized for the room and that doesn’t have any extras that will take up valuable space. For example, if you’re putting in a bed and you must have a headboard, use one that has storage built into it. You can also purchase sofas, coffee tables and even armchairs with storage already built-in. Pieces of furniture like this are meant for a project like this, so go out there and see what you can find. If you don’t think about the furniture you could find yourself in a precarious situation when it comes to maximizing your usage of the space.

Walls Can Be Useful

Your walls aren’t just there to hold up the home, they can be used in a multitude of ways that can be advantageous in a more limited space. There are so many options when it comes to things like shelving and organisation that can go on your walls, it is essential to utilise this space properly. Hanging mirrors on your walls is another great addition to any small space as they give the illusion of the room being bigger than it really is.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Transforming a small space into a usable, functional and inviting room can be easier than you might think, especially with the right planning and a little creativity. Not every room in your home needs to be large in size just to make it usable. In fact, a lot of the time, smaller spaces can act as a quiet refuge or a small, cosy, intimate space for you to unwind and relax. Think outside the box, let your imagination run wild and you will be surprised at how much you can do with a small space to transform it into a beautiful room for you and your family to enjoy.

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