The urban environment presents many challenges when it comes to furnishing a tiny space on offer. Achieving functional clarity and optimization without compromising on the aesthetics or individuality is often a tricky balance to achieve. Thank goodness for multifunctional furniture pieces that make this task a lot easier to tame and our décor a lot more pocket, style and space friendly.

The designer Fanny Adams created this multifunctional sofa as part of her final year project, blending the needs of your front living room into a compact marvel that serves and inspires. Rendered in Formica wood and Formica laminate, the sturdy design transforms an ordinary sofa into an assembly of functional elements, moving about to find place in a variety of activities.

The beauty of this design lies in its small details. Formica surfaces twist and turn to create a variety of elements that serve different demands and functions. The armrests therefore evolve from humble convention to offer a nifty inbuilt holder for your drinks, gadgets and accessories. Further, the sofa has a breakfast bar/work desk built into its rear, offering useful counter space without cluttering the room. Pulled out, it transforms into a comfortable, cozy double bed perfect for sleepovers or daytime lounging.

multifunctional furniture piece (1).jpg
multifunctional furniture piece (2).jpg
multifunctional furniture piece (3).jpg

This multifunctional furniture piece translates its design to find new purpose and meaning in each of its configurations, introducing new ideas and opportunities into your living room.

Published in: Furniture | Author: Laleema