Many people find keeping hardwood floors gleaming all the time to be challenging. Rightfully so because hardwood floors come in contact with dirt and dust brought in by people, pets, and furniture.

Children usually come in and carry dirt from the outside on their shoes and into the floors. Pets run around and leave fur and mud all over the floor. When moving furniture from one spot to another, they also tend to leave scratches all over. By virtue of gravity, your floors are also the receiving end of spills from drinks and other liquids.

This is why when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, it is important to know the immediate remedies to dirt and stains as well as the regular routine of cleaning them. This infographic by Microfiber Wholesale introduces the different cleaning tools that you need for both immediate care and long-term maintenance of your hardwood floors. You can also use it as a guide for your weekly, monthly and yearly tasks in maintaining your hardwood floors to ensure that they remain in tip-top shape.

With proper care and cleaning, your hardwood floors can last your family for a long time, giving their unique warmth and beauty to your home.

 How to clean harwood floors infographic

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