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Canadian home with style and great views
Canadian home with style and great views

Benefits of Using Steel in Home Construction

Steel has been used as a construction material for many years. Usually seen in commercial, industrial and farm buildings, steel construction methods are now becoming much more popular in residential building for many reasons.

Benefits of using steel in home construction

The costs and planning for a steel framed building are much the same as for a timber framed building, which of course all depends on the size, shape and finish you require. Steel is known for its strength and rarely does it warp, bend or crack – it is also rodent and pest proof so will never need treated for things such as termites or woodworm. As a building material steel is durable and stable, plus can be re-used if you decide to relocate the building at a later date.

Building your home with steel is a fairly fast process, as each component can be manufactured to specification off site and then erected quickly. The improvements made in steel construction over the last 20 years are huge, hence it is now becoming the material of choice for many home and business owners. Built correctly a steel framed house is technically able to withstand earthquakes, fire, high winds, heavy snow and many other natural disasters so therefore is a safe method of building your home.

Lower maintenance costs are a huge plus when thinking about building your home, investing in a steel construction could be the ideal way to minimise future costs and repair bills. Building with steel also means that you can adapt and expand your home if the need arises, steel framed buildings are easily extended and usually do not need extensive changes to the original structure. Steel may be seen as not as environmentally friendly as other building materials but due to the fact that it can be re-used and recycled many times it actually is. As more and more building work takes place across the globe daily we are fast using up natural resources such as timber and have not yet put in a serious worldwide plan to make timber a fully renewable building material.

The aesthetic aspect of a steel framed building is quite unique, with many home owners opting to incorporate certain steel features into their interior design scheme. Certainly it’s a look you either love or hate and depends a lot on personal taste.  The pros of building your home with steel far outweigh the cons and fantastic results can be seen in a short space of time, so if you have a fixed budget and deadline steel could be the building material for you.