When many of us picture our ideal living space, ample room is generally among the key features. However, as is often the case, there’s a vast difference between imagination and reality, and for people living in major cities, making do with limited space is an unavoidable part of life. Needless to say, this can prove a bit challenging for big city transplants who are used to much roomier living spaces.

Fortunately, while adjusting to a smaller living space may have its challenges, it’s by no means impossible. Anyone looking for ways to make compact residences work them for will be well-served by the following tips.

Limited living space

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furnishings can be a boon to anyone with limited living space. For instance, a desk that doubles as a dining table can ensure that you have a comfortable place to attend to work-related matters and enjoy a nice meal.

Secondly, a couch that doubles as a bed is a staple of studio apartments. Historically, foldouts have (justifiably) been regarded as flimsy and uncomfortable, but a lot has changed in recent years. Many modern-day futons provide first-rate comfort at a fraction of the cost of traditional bedframes and mattresses.

Lastly, if your entertainment center takes up a fair amount of space, consider investing in a television cabinet that provides shelving. This will ensure that you have ample space in which to store movies, books, video games and other forms of media.

Find Outside Storage

If you have any large possessions that you don’t wish to part with, it’s in your best interest to explore outside storage options. For example, if you have any friends or family members with space to spare, you may want to consider asking them to house your excess items. Just remember that if your things incur damage or become broken while in the care of loved ones, confronting them about it is liable to put a strain on your relationship and make things awkward between you. So, while this option can certainly prove cost-effective, it doesn’t offer much in terms of liability.

Alternatively, if you live in an apartment building or condo complex that provides residents with designated storage areas, consider taking advantage of this amenity. However, if you’re looking to store furniture or other hefty items, the limited space provided in residential storage areas may not be sufficient.

For maximum security and peace of mind, rent an outside storage unit. For a small monthly fee, you’ll be given a secure space in which to store a wide assortment of items. L.A. residents on the hunt for affordable storage in Los Angeles should no find shortage of attractive options at their disposal.

Place Greater Scrutiny on Buying Decisions

People who occupy large living spaces generally don’t have to give much thought to individual purchases. In fact, not having enough space to store the things they buy is rarely an issue they have to deal with. However, this isn’t a luxury afforded to people who reside in studio apartments and other compact living spaces. If you simply acquire new possessions without a second thought, your living space is going to become very cramped very quickly.

To nip this problem in the bud, think hard before acquiring new possessions. The larger the item, the more thought you should give the purchase. So, before going through with a transaction, make sure to carefully consider whether you have the free space to comfortably accommodate the item in question, whether you truly need this item and how much you really want it. In addition to helping preserve what little free space you have, this approach will help reduce frivolous spending and keep your personal finances intact.

When relocating to a major city, lifelong small-towners are liable to be struck by a number of key differences. First off, rental rates in large cities are guaranteed to give most transplants an acute case of sticker shock. Secondly, big city living spaces tend to be lacking in the space department, particularly in comparison to apartments and condos in less populous areas. Although this will mean making adjustments to your lifestyle, you’re likely to find that occupying a smaller living space is far less cumbersome than you think.

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