While most obsess over the look of their home, it is very often how your home smells that creates that invaluable and lasting first impression. Whether filled with aromatic lilts or rich, deep scents, the smell of your home speaks volumes about your lifestyle and nature. Therefore don’t let things get out of hand; if your home is less than satisfactory on the olfactory front. Chadwicks has come up with a list of 9 green air freshener ideas (check the infographic below) that you would want to try right away!

Not only will these leave your home smelling fresh and lovely, they are environment friendly and free of all the chemical nasties that commercial fresheners usually bring into your home.

Start by considering the tone you would like to convey and the ambience you want to create. Light floral and citrus scents are ideal for creating fresh, open spaces that hint at summer, while hints of cinnamon or redwood are perfectly festive in the height of winter. Choose an aroma that complements your space and activity.

Alternatively, if you like keeping things subtle and neutral, use vodka, vinegar or an indoor palm plant to simply absorb damp and residue odors, and leave the air fresh and purified.

Next consider how to introduce this scent or air freshener into your space. Air freshening could be a one-time activity such as with roasting coffee beans, or a regular morning ritual such as with candles and aromatic oils.

You can be as discrete or obvious as you like; your green air freshener can easily be packaged into a table centerpiece or integrated into the visuals of your décor. Remember the thumb rule is to consider layout and introduce bursts of an aroma into a space, rather than concentrate it in just one part of a room.

Published in: Smart home | Author: Lynn