When there are actual small humans to look after, care for other living things kind of falls to the wayside. It’s not that most people abandon their cat after their first kid came home from the hospital, but almost immediately people are less concerned with when and how much their pets are fed, watered and walked. Even lower on the totem pole, indoor and outdoor plants began to noticeably suffer from neglect.

Baby on a green lawn

Perhaps the most obvious indication of newfound motherhood is one’s lawn. As most homeowners know, lawns require much more diligent attention than many people expect; one needs to administer the perfect amount of water at the right time of day, which changes with the seasons. Homeowners also need to fertilize, aerate, overseed and perform several other esoteric tasks depending on the time of year and the present lawn issues. When homeowners also have a tiny human to take care of, they simply didn’t have enough mental or physical energy to spare for their lawn. Thus, it becomes a constant source of stress and embarrassment.

It is possible to gain a lush green lawn worthy of love — and to do so without forgetting to care for any kids. Here are some mistakes and victories, so all homeowners can learn to stop worrying and love their lawns.

Mistake: Guessing About Lawn Care

This is the biggest mistake any homeowner could make with regards to their lawn — and unfortunately, it is the most common one by far. Many are guilty about guessing how much water their lawn needs, assuming they are mowing at the right height and hoping they are using the right fertilizer. The truth is it doesn’t take much effort to learn about lawn care, and it is so, so worthwhile.

Homeowners should search for lawn service near me to teach them about their lawn. Professionals assess soil, identified grass types, perform maintenance and show people how to better look after their lawn. Homeowners can also use these services for infrequent chores, like aeration and overseeding, which average homeowners might have neither the tools nor the time for.

Mistake: Using Improper Tools

True or false: All a person need is a lawn mower to care for a lawn. Anyone not immediately answering “false” has a big problem. Many homeowners think they can get away with sprinkling fertilizer and seed by hand or by aerating with some old soccer cleats. The truth is that trying to care for a lawn with improper tools is doing way more harm than good.

First, people need to care for their lawn mowers better, which means getting the blades sharpened professionally and learning how to set them to different heights. Homeowners who want to perform every lawn care task by themselves should also invest in a drop spreader, which will evenly disperse fertilizer and seed — to prevent patches of burned brown and patches of overgrown green. Finally, they should get a coring aeration tool, which prevents further compaction, as opposed to a spike aeration tool, which worsens the problem.

Victory: Automating Sprinklers

Homeowners can update their kitchen, expand the master bath and take all the carpet out of their house, but by far one of the best home improvements is a sprinkler system. By choosing to automate the watering, people no longer need to worry about dragging out the hose three times per week, let alone whether they leave the hose out for long enough each time. A sprinkler system isn’t cheap, but it is worth it if one is committed to keeping a lush lawn.

Child playing with sprinklers

Victory: Reducing Lawn Size

When one first sees that their lawn is suffering, they might consider getting rid of it entirely. After all, lawns require immense resources, and as a parent, one might be uncertain that a lawn’s benefits outweigh its costs. Instead of nixing the whole thing, most homeowners should chose to reduce it. Then, there will be a soft place for the kids to play outside, but homeowners won’t have nearly as much lawn care responsibility as they started with.

Lawn care isn’t easy, but it is generally worth it, even when one is a busy (and somewhat overwhelmed) parent. In considering the pros and cons of lawn care, one might choose to outsource it all to professionals or even do away with the lawn completely. That’s any homeowner’s prerogative, but thanks to new knowledge and a bit of help, anyone found a happy balance for themselves.

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