35 square meters (377 square feet) may not sound like much, but one look at this small apartment design and the many possibilities on offer become apparent. Packing in desire and demand with sheer grace and utmost panache, this design by We Are Proxy offers a wonderfully impressive rendering of modern day urban living – no matter how tight and constrained the footprint may be. Turning to core design sensibilities, this modern tiny apartment in Skopje, Macedonia offers a sound and generous solution that leaves little to be desired.

The open planned layout may seem like the inevitable choice, but articulated in minimalist strokes and warm detailing it takes on life and identity of its own. Clean surfaces, warm wooden accents and a playfully delicious color palette animate the space, bringing a touch of pleasant surprise to it. Scale, pattern and proportion are employed to break any monotony that may threaten this design, allowing the designers to bring intimacy in an open spatial conversation.

The emphasis here is on the backdrops, exploring a rich materiality that draws this home together; the elements and accessories introduced into this modern tiny apartment are on the other hand thus simple and poised.

Published in: Apartments, Modern | Author: Laleema