Contemporary living room design

If you are out of home interior decorating ideas, then look no further for inspiration – this fabulous project by designer Galina Lavrishcheva abounds in the chic and the creative.

Rendered in the seemingly raw and unfinished appeal of bare materiality, this modern family house design brings the refined and the grunge together to arrive at some seriously cool interiors.

The palette is alive and bold, and takes the viewer on a visual and tactile journey with many pleasant surprises.

Yet the true triumph of this design lies in its ability to weave these strokes and moments together in sheer authenticity and elegance.

From sinuous cream surfaces to the multihued play of baked bricks, the time attested textures of wood to the crisp nonchalance of concrete – this amazing interior design really has it all. Instead of merely conforming to a set formula, each space and corner of this design announces itself through a unique medley of form, material, color and texture. As a result, this modern family house design is never ever bland – even when it is romancing a spectrum of greys. Add to that a few choice sculptural elements – finding their place in the furniture, lighting and accessories – and voila! we have a marvel of interior design.

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  1. The whole home decor is abslutely stunning, good work!!!