With its accordion-style exterior, this extension to a federation period style home literally seems to expand and unfold into modern space and time. The ‘Dalmeny’ is a progressive retelling of an Australian vernacular – the shack (suburban home). Architects Enter Projects reinterpret familiar profiles and function in sinfully modern style and technology to create bold statements with marked effect. Located in Sydney, this contemporary house extension is utterly exciting in every aspect of its realization and design.

contemporary house extension (1)

The 7 meters tall and 9.5 meters wide shack is crafted in an updated palette – the metal bands of its facade pay homage to traditional corrugated iron structures. These were built to concise specifications and produced using laser-cutting machines. Washed in white, they offer a shell for modern living anchored in contemporary sensibilities.

The interiors of this contemporary house continue this theme, layering up to integrate ambient cove lighting in generous, open planned spaces; these enjoy natural heating and cooling. Generous glazing floods the shack with natural light, bouncing pleasantly off the stark surfaces within.

Housing a living area and kitchen, as well as a master en-suite on the mezzanine level, the design breaks away from the remainder of the site to imbibe the innovative spirit of modern technology in every frame and aspect.

A template for adaptation, science meets aesthetics in this hybrid solution to modern living needs. Stunning and unorthodox, this contemporary house extension is one design full of potential and possibilities!

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Photography by Brett Boardman Photography & Byron Keane

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