Wow! We can guarantee that you’ve never seen a kitchen quite like this! Have you ever wished that your kitchen was more open and spacious? While trying to make a meal for the family, have you often daydreamed about a kitchen that allowed you to multitask with more ease and less crashing into things? This contemporary kitchen design just may be your perfect match from heaven. You may never look at a kitchen the same again!

Contemporary kitchen design by Culimaat  (1)

This contemporary kitchen design, brilliantly crafted by Culimaat High End Kitchens, is so surreal that you will have sworn that someone transported you to the future! Made with groundbreaking high quality and sustainable materials such as Hi-MACS, this kitchen is definitely built to last.

Given the nickname “LEAF” for the main console’s resemblance to a natural form, the entire room defies the normal rules that come with kitchen design. A dark, but neutral green is used to add allure, while the glimmering chandelier distributes warming tones. It may seem like all the usual appliances are not present, but the best things are always hidden in plain sight. With just the sink and stove in view, one may not realize that the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and other needed appliances are just behind that alluring wall.

It’s no wonder that this contemporary kitchen design was featured at the Maison & Objet event back in September. Phenomenal!

Contemporary kitchen design by Culimaat  (2)Contemporary kitchen design by Culimaat  (3)Contemporary kitchen design by Culimaat  (4)Contemporary kitchen design by Culimaat  (5)Contemporary kitchen design by Culimaat  (6)

Photography by ©René van Dongen

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