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Tips for Improving Your Outdoor Space
Tips for Improving Your Outdoor Space

Working from Home During Covid-19 in Garden Office Pod

With the recent rise in the COVID-19 pandemic cases, a lot of offices are beginning to examine how working from home in a garden office pod can be a success. Creating a garden office is one of the ways to separate your work and personal life. Long gone are the days when working in an outdoor space used to be uncomfortable, under-equipped and dirty. There are a lot of ideas and tips you as a homeowner can employ and achieve working from home comfortably.

Garden office pod

Living with this pandemic has been the new normal since everyone must earn a living, travel, family life or even socializing. Working from home started a few years ago due to the rise of the freelancers, self-employment and also the digital nomads. Below are some of the tips you should consider if you want to start working from home.

#1 Communicate with your co-workers

Performing a task at home can sometimes be challenging since you will always work alone and not with your colleagues the same way you used to. Make sure you have your phone with you all the time to communicate with your co-workers. Frequent calls might not be the same as the office banters you used to have but it will help you catch-up.

Talking with your co-workers through a zoom meeting, a whatsapp group or even in a google hangout can help in boosting your morale and also put you in a good mood for work. The same way you quickly take a break and chat with your friends at work, you should login in a zoom meeting and talk to your colleagues.

#2 Create boundaries

Working from home will only be effective if you create a boundary between you and your family members. Boundaries should include physical ones such as creating a garden office pod where you will work well without any distractions. Such a boundary will also help those living around you respect what you are working on.

However, if you are living on your own, it is essential to create boundaries by muting any group chat that is not important, turning off your phone or even putting your phone on a no disturbance mode. For people such as your roommates, you can create awareness about your working hours so that they can minimize any disturbance.

For people working around a family member, ensure you let them know a specific time when they should ask you any question or even come in for a quick cuddle. Let them know when you are available for them and when you are doing important work so that they can not disturb you.

#3 Know when to switch off

A lot of people find it hard to adjust to working at home. They may find it challenging to switch off when necessary and focus on their job. A huge problem arises when a person does not know when and how to switch off and put a focus on their work. Since your computer is easily accessible, you might find that a person is working outside of the office hours.

Ensure you set a limit of when you should be working and after how long you should complete your work. Know when to put a balance and a line between your professional work and personal life. Avoid compromising your office work with family or partner when you are supposed to be working.

Ensure you stick to a certain routine by having strict regular working hours that you obey. Switch on your computer the same way you would have while at the office before the pandemic happened and leave as per the office hours.

#4 Create a working space

Taking the necessary measures in creating a working space is a crucial part in creating a balance between your personal and professional life. The first role as you are working from home is to ensure that you will never work in bed. It is always tempting to stay under your duvet and start working with your computer on your lap.

A garden pod is the best place you should work in if you are working from home. At urbanpods, they create the best and comfortable garden rooms in spite of the surrounding climate conditionas. If you want a room that will help you create a boundary between your personal and professional life, you can definitely benefit from a garden pod.

Garden pod

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