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Working at Home: Create the Perfect Space to Promote Productivity and Quality Lifestyle

The opportunity to work at home offers a lifestyle that many people only dream of. The ability to work from anywhere in the world can allow an individual to enjoy a higher quality of life while saving money for moving abroad. Whether you are working for yourself or for a company, productivity is extremely important.

Remote work ensures the employment-related benefits while letting you organize your work time as you see fit. Creating a space that you can be productive in and enhance your lifestyle should be top priority. Here are some valuable tips on how to organize your home office space.

Beautiful office desk

A pool can be a great place to work at

An outdoor space with internet connection available is a great place to be productive at work while enjoying pleasant and relaxing ambiance. A swimming pool in the quiet of your back yard could well be such a place. For those that live in warmer climates working at the pool can be a year-round option to take advantage of. A great idea would be to invite other remote workers to share the attractive “office”-place at the pool. This would be the perfect working environment for interacting with colleagues while sharing experience, ideas and good time.

Traditional office space is imperative

For those working from home, children or pets that crave attention can pose serious distraction from work. While dealing with important projects and tasks you need to be extremely focused, and your home office should therefore provide the suitable environment.

Consider separating it from the rest of your house with a solid door. This will allow you to focus on work even if the kids have friends over or your significant other has family in town. Pay attention to colors, too. According to Teaberry Painters, the right color palette is important for improving work productivity, as certain colors promote peace and tranquility while others promote creativity.

Small home office

Home gym for staying healthy and fit

It’s true what they say: Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body) and having a home gym is a great way to stay healthy and fit. For one, you’ll enjoy the convenience of being able to work out without wasting time for traveling to public gyms and exercise at any time you wish. On the other hand, a good workout early in the morning will keep your mind sharper and help you to better organize the rest of your day for top work productivity.

The garage would be a perfect place to set up your home gym. There will be enough space to install cardio or strength gym equipment, place rubber mats to muffle the sound from dropping dumbbells or weights and even have training wall bars conveniently mounted.

Whiteboard to set up agendas and pin reminders of deadlines

E-organizers like Google Calendar are great but a good-size whiteboard is still a very useful item to have at your home office for improving work productivity. Use it to schedule your agenda for the next day or pin notes to remind you of coming important deadlines and appointments. The whiteboard is also a convenient place to write down brainstorming ideas and helpful information you need for your work and have these in sight at all times.

Coffee nook where you can comfortably read emails in the morning

A coffee nook on the porch or in a quiet area of the house can allow you to clear your emails while enjoying your favorite morning beverage. For parents who get up early, this can also be a place to pound away on the keyboard without waking up the kids. A good Wi-Fi connection is of course needed, as much as a good coffee maker. There are plenty of devices that can have your coffee made ready by the time you wake up, so you won’t have to wait to get that jolt of energy.

Coffee before work

Make the most out of working from home, as it is an excellent opportunity that offers freedom unlike any other.

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