It’s pretty common to hear people state that a home serves a purpose and that everything in it should have its own place. When people say this, they’re typically referring to how dirty laundry needs to go in the dirty clothes basket or how trash shouldn’t just sit around… it should go in the trash can. But with the theory of everything having its own place, would you say that the same theory could be applied in interior design?

In a sense, it could but more so from a functionality point of view. For example, each room in a house has a purpose. The bedroom is where you sleep and the kitchen is where you cook, but despite the obvious purpose of each room in our home, we still blur those lines and sleep on the couch in the living room and eat in the bed.

So, is it possible for the lines to be blurred when it comes to interior design?


In fact, one of the biggest ways that people “go against the grain” in interior design is by incorporating outdoor elements on the inside of their homes. Some would call this “exterior-interior design.” Who would’ve thought that you could bring elements from outdoors (things that “don’t belong” on the inside of a home) and make them cohesively work for the overall beauty and functionality of a home?

Nature inside your home

This type of interior design is nothing new but it is indeed a timeless design trend that’s here to stay. So whether you love the great outdoors or not, you can’t deny the unique beauty it adds to a home’s interiors. To bring the beauty of nature from the outdoors inside your home, here are a few tips on how to execute this look perfectly.

How to Pull the Elements of Nature and Create an Outdoor Indoor Oasis in Your Home

Let natural light fill your home

Letting natural light in your home may not be a design trend, per se, but it certainly is a natural way to transform the look of your home.

Did you know that letting natural light in your home also has great health benefits as well? According to, by letting natural light into your home, the sunlight is increasing your serotonin levels which, in turn, increases your levels of happiness. This is a feeling you want to experience every time you walk into your home.

The only thing about natural light is that it can heat your home rather quickly when the weather is hot. To enhance the overall look of any room in your home while shielding it from the heat of the sun, invest in sheer draperies in neutral tones to keep your home cooler.

And while we’re on the subject of keeping your home cooler, it’s also a wise investment to consider the cooling options for your area.

In conjunction with your beautiful sheer drapes, it would be a good idea to look at alternative electricity plans to not only efficiently cool your home but to also help you save on your monthly expenses. This aspect of your home may not be a design trend exactly, but your home would have electricity that’s generated from renewable energy sources.

Add a little greenery to breathe life into your home

One of the most common and popular ways to bring the elements of nature into your home is to add greenery by way of flowers and indoor plants. The best part about having plants in your home is the fact that they will enhance the look of any room.

Some people like to create indoor gardens while others enjoy a simple vase of roses to enhance the overall look of their home. But whatever plant option you choose, you can’t ever go wrong with greenery. Just make sure that as the plant is breathing life into your home, you’re breathing life into it by nurturing it with sunlight and properly watering it.

Indoor plants

Incorporate the colors of nature in your home

For lots of people designing your home’s interiors, including accents and furniture pieces, are all based on the color scheme you have in mind. The fact that you’re incorporating elements of nature means that you’re going to want to be selective as well as open in your color selection.

Sometimes we get so caught up in symmetry and trying to make everything match that we forget that when it comes to elements of nature, there’s just as much beauty in contrast as well.

Colors of nature will include variations of brow

n, green, blue, yellow, and white. All of those colors are reminiscent of the sky, earth, and water, and range from cool colors to warm colors. These colors also evoke certain emotions as well as moods too. Because they evoke certain emotions just be mindful of that when utilizing your color choices in various areas of your home.

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