The fireplace is perhaps the coziest thing we can have at home. The flickering light and the pleasant warmth of the fire bring cozy homey comfort and create ideal environment for family gathering and socializing.

We are used to see fireplaces in big old houses with large rooms, so when it comes to making a decision of having a fireplace at our contemporary home, many think that space matters. Not necessarily!

In the previous article we presented ideas for classic fireplaces. If however you live in a city flat or simply in a smaller house, or if your home is furnished in a modern style, then this Faber-designed collection will certainly draw your attention.  It includes a variety of built-in and free-standing fireplace models. Their minimalist design finds perfect application in  a contemporary interior. The fireplaces don`t affect the smoothness of the wall and may be placed near upholstered furniture.

So, who says a contemporary smaller residence cannot enjoy the privilege and the pleasure of having a fireplace?!

14 modern fireplaces

Modern fireplaces - BrightModern fireplaces - Clear
Modern fireplaces
Modern fireplaces - Fantasy
Modern fireplaces - Glance
Modern fireplaces - Honest
Modern fireplaces - Misty
Modern fireplaces - Relaxed
Modern fireplaces - Silva
Modern fireplaces - Frameless
Modern fireplaces - Straight
Modern fireplaces - Torch
Modern fireplaces - Triple
Modern fireplaces - Vico
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