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This interior space gives a whole new meaning to ‘bachelor suite’. The contemporary warehouse conversion, once an industrial property, is now a one-bedroom bachelor pad of any man’s dreams. Netherlands based designer Sam Habbaba from MOONEYE has once again shown us how much you can do with so little in this monotone design.

The loft sits high above the ground with a view of the tree tops that can be seen from just about anywhere in the home through the continuous belt of windows that trail along the exterior walls.

The cool, dark hardwood floors stretch from one end of the loft to the other are mirrored above on the ceiling; a unique feature that really packs the space in a sandwich-like affect.

Contemporary loft design

The L-shaped kitchen sits in the center of the loft and remains modest with flush cabinet doors that match the hardwood and a floating hood range disguised as wall cabinets.

It’s obvious that the eight seater dining table is constructed of a forged metal frame and doubles as the island to the kitchen area; art deco style industrial light fixtures hang above and help anchor the space.

Contemporary kitchen design
Dining table in an open plan kitchen area
Modern L-shaped kitchen
Contemporary open plan kitchen area

To the right we find a basic bedroom set up; a queen size bed dressed with crisp white and grey linens.

Kitchen and bedroom area in an open plan loft design

To the left of the kitchen area sits a spacious living room that offers ample seating and textures to please the senses. Crisp, smooth fabrics cover the furniture and throws of fur and leather are carefully placed around.

Contemporary living space
Seating area in a contemporary loft

Although this warehouse conversion loft is so obviously designed with a man in mind, the use of inviting textures and a soft pallet also make it a viable home for any female. Once again, Sam has proven how one can make such an impact within a contemporary, and even monotone style.

Take a 360 degree virtual tour inside the warehouse

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