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Modern Fireplaces

Classic Fireplaces for Ultimate Comfort

They say no house is a true home without a fireplace. And indeed, it is this home ‘shrine’ that creates an ultimate cozy home comfort like nothing else.

In the past fireplaces may have been a household necessity only, but in our contemporary times this interior item has much more to offer than just a practical application. It is still used to provide warmth, but modern design trends include it in the interior planning for aesthetic reasons, too. No other element provides so much ambiance of relax, ultimate comfort, coziness and a touch of romantics.

We offer you a collection of classic fireplaces, the design of which however perfectly suit any contemporary interior, too.

Whether you choose a stone carved model, a marble frame, or a compact steel fireplace, the decision will depend on your taste only and on the possibility to adapt it to the interior of the room.

10 classic fireplaces

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