Interior design can be a fun challenge that will allow you to incorporate various furniture pieces into your rooms. One of the most attractive choices you can make is incorporating indoor plants into your design plans. Unlike other decorations, indoor plants are living breathing entities, meaning that they have special advantages. These can go well beyond just simply being a nice addition to your home’s overall design. So what exactly are the perks of having indoor plants in your home? Here are just a few of the benefits that indoor plants can bring to your space.

Indoor plant in green and pink

Design & Aesthetic

One of the main reasons to have indoor plant is the aesthetic that they add to your home. Indoor plants like potted plants, flowers, and succulents can be interesting design pieces that add a fresh natural feel to a room. In addition, indoor plants are relatively inexpensive compared to other furniture pieces, meaning you can easily use them to complete a room. If you’re looking for a new piece to give your space that earthy natural feel, then you should consider getting some indoor plants.

Indoor potted flower

Air Quality

Indoor plants also improve the air quality in your home just like trees improve the air quality of the air outside. The process of photosynthesis takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen as a byproduct. Plants need to undergo photosynthesis in order to make food for themselves and survive. Lucky for us humans, we need the exact opposite of plants to survive. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. By keeping plants in your house, you are ensuring better air quality as the plants will take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Bet your other furniture can’t do that, can it?

Smell & Fragrance

Indoor plants are pleasing to look at, but they also smell amazing and provide a great fragrance for your home. In recent years the fragrance industry has developed several products that make your home smell cleaner. The purpose is to mask any unwanted odors that may linger in your home. However, with the right indoor plants you have no need for these fragrances as your plants will do all the work for you. Grow some indoor plants and your home will smell like a fresh flower garden!

Bedroom with fresh flowers

Teaches Responsibility

Another benefit of growing indoor plants is that they instill a sense of responsibility. Plants require care, attention, and some basic skills and knowledge. A certain level of responsibility is required in order to maintain the beauty and effectiveness of indoor plants. It’s not a major commitment, not like caring for a pet, but plants still will require your occasional attention. If you’re a person who struggles with being irresponsible, forgetful, or lazy, then try to get a low care indoor plant that will have a chance to survive.

Improves Humidity

As a part of their natural process plants will release some water into the air. This is important for your home as it can increase humidity levels, which has a myriad of health benefits. Dry air can cause a lot of health problems, so combating this with a couple plants can be very beneficial to you. For example, dry air can cause dry skin, sore throats, and coughs. Believe it or not, having plants in your home can combat this dry air and keep you protected from these side effects. This means indoor plants can be extremely effective in areas that have dry winters.

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