Hölick Sea Resort, three hundred kilometers from Stockholm, is surrounded by wonderful beaches and forests. It was originally a camping ground, but has been transformed into a phenomenal resort. The vacation cabins were created by Mats Edlund & Henrietta Palmer, and Matts Ingman.

The natural materials used in these buildings are glorious. The largest cabin is nine hundred and sixty nine square feet of delightful design. The exterior is made up of natural wood, large windows, and white accents. It has an angular shape with a fantastic patio.

The inside has a combined living and dining room. Beautiful hardwoods and wood paneling fill the space. Floor to ceiling windows provide natural light and views of the outside area. We love the slender shape of the smaller windows in these rooms, they add variety and interest. A marvelous black fireplace, sits in the middle of the room, creating a focal point for the design. The circular light is a wonderful touch, maintaining the sleek and modern décor. The dining room has a natural wooden table and fabulous benches. An intricate lamp hangs over the table, adding a little warmth to the room.

The kitchens are sublime in these vacation cabins. Modern white cabinets, gray countertops, and a paneled island, fashion a simple but stunning space.

The bedrooms are comfy and spacious. The neutrally colored curtains add a little coziness and privacy.

The bathrooms add just enough luxury to these vacation cabins. Floor to ceiling tiles decorate the walls, and larger tiles decorate the floor. This bathroom has sleek fixtures, and a wooden countertop, complete with storage, that grounds the design, and unites it with the rest of the home décor.

The natural materials, the surrounding forests and beaches, and the amazing design, make the Hölick Sea Resort, a positively stunning choice for a relaxing vacation.

Photos: Jacob Nordström

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