Inspired by the linear architecture, the nearby Fraser River and its park like surrounding, the interiors continued the architectural scheme of long, linear glulam beams with extensive use of North American black walnut, natural stone in cream tones, greys and dark blue to reflect the palette changes with four seasons.

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The floor plans are configured according owner’s specification with a fairly non-traditional layout to keep the interior space open for the principle space, while a 30’ feature wall as the main architectural feature to counter the horizontal lines of this space.

The dining room table is adjustable from coffee table height to dining table height so the space can act as a conversation living room space as well as a formal dining room. The storage/bathrooms/closets are all situated at the back of the home while the front of the home are open to the south sun exposure and views.

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The house is designed for the homeowners to be able to age in the residence well into their retirement age. Future accessibility is taken into consideration with wider hallways and doorways, wheel chair accessible bathrooms including curb-less showers, elevator access to all 3 levels of the home and layered lighting solutions.

One particular objective is to create an architectural feature wall where the stairs are located. This 30’ tall wall also needs to hide the western bedroom door as requested by one of the family member. Utilizing a reclaimed fir cut to seemingly random squares, the result achieves both the wow factor client is looking for as well as satisfying the need to have a “secret door” at the top south wall to the bedroom area beyond.

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Careful attention to both natural and artificial (electrical) lighting to optimize the southern exposure while providing layered effect for both ambient and task lighting for family members ranging from late teens to early 50’s.

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A carefully curated and limiting selection of natural materials and color palettes to create an open, sophisticated yet inviting space.

Wider hallways and doorways, elevator access, curb-less showers and larger bathrooms to accommodate future accessible requirement.

While the client has very exact specifications for the overall space and style, each family member’s private space remains very personal. The overall coherence was created by bringing elements of the principle space into each room, whether by use of materials, lighting or colors. The result is a comfortable home and a stunning space.

Project submission by John Henshaw Architect Inc

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