Natural Materials Build This Stunning Lodge
Natural Materials Build This Stunning Lodge
Bathroom vegetation ideas
Natural Elements: Bathroom Vegetation

Maximizing space with flair and style to re-create a tiny room


Designer Anton Semenov managed to transform a 10 square meter tiny room into a functional living and working space and we have to admit that his work is worthy of praise. Located in one of the renter flats in Moscow, the extremely small space was redesigned into functional areas using colors, modest pieces like huge mirrors, double deck beds and built-in wardrobe space.

The ceiling is painted a dramatic color of turquoise with matching walls in cream. Ornaments line the edges of the ceiling and give the room a classic and old look typical of most flats in this historical city. The effect of dark color on top over white and pale one was effective in magnifying in what otherwise could be considered a crammed and tiny room. It is an old room but the designer managed to make it appear contemporary and modern suited to single occupants either a student or professional.