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A lovely cabin in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts

In the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, this lovely cabin is the amazing home of Bobby Houston and Eric Shamie.

The light colors, neutrals, and wooden décor in this home are out of this world, fashioning a cozy but bright and enchanting interior.

The stone fireplace is magnificent. It provides a wonderful focal point for the living room décor, adding even more coziness to the space. A plush area rug fills the floor and two sofas face each other. A gorgeous wood ceiling and fabulous hardwoods frame the space, and in the middle, an outstanding table completes the beautiful design.

The stone accents continue in the kitchen of this lovely cabin. We are in love with the various woods in this beautiful space. The countertops, the island, the stool legs, and the ceiling, come together to produce a significant amount of interest. The white cushions are a fabulous touch, continuing the light theme seen throughout the home.

A white table is surrounded by white chairs, creating a wonderful dining area in this lovely cabin. The lamp hanging from the ceiling is delightful, it connects with the dark hardwoods in this space. Towards the back of the room, a comfy sofa, a beautiful wooden coffee table, a side table, and a wonderful cushion, complete the seating area. A piece of artwork decorates the wall, bringing more interest to the space. The tall bookshelves are marvelous, providing a significant amount of storage in this outstanding home.

The wooden rocking chair and white fur combination is perfect, and we love the small wooden table.

This lovely cabin has an amazing bedroom. The bed is large and fabulously adorned with white and cream bed sheets. Elegant wood panels form the sliding doors, continuing the astounding wood seen on the walls and ceilings: positively gorgeous.

Images found on: Country Living

A beautiful, bright, and lively atmosphere.