A playful twist on familiar forms often births a refreshing take on even the most mundane of spatial and functional requirements, while adding a touch of whimsy to the proceedings. Here is a simple and smart retake – Italian designers Officina41 bring us the ‘Do Not Disturb’ collection that reinvents the archetypal hotel door sign to meet miscellaneous storage demands around your home and office. The set of organizers draws on the sign and its profile, molding and adapting it to take on a myriad of forms.

The collection includes a hanger with valet tray, a hanger with mirror and a hanger with a letter and key holder. Articulated in sheet metal and wood, the design merges clean, unfussed craftsmanship with an innovative exploration of form and function. Available in five bold colors – ferrari red, canary yellow, aqua green, ocean blue and white – the range brings a touch of industrial inspiration to your space and day.

Ideal for storing a range of items – from keys and dongles, personal accessories to stationery essentials, the Do Not Disturb collection is a great way to rev up and organize your life in a few clean strokes. These organizers are available for purchase on the designer’s website.

do not disturb organizers (2)
do not disturb organizers (3)
do not disturb organizers (5)
do not disturb organizers (6)
do not disturb organizers (7)

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