The Perfect Blend of Modern Country Style
The Perfect Blend of Modern Country Style
What Wood Would Work?

A Puzzle of Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

Who knew that you could have patio furniture that could change with your mood? Well, you really couldn’t until Benjamin Ferriol and EGO Paris created the KAMA Collection of contemporary outdoor furniture. The set of block style cushions lets you mix and match, moving them in different positions to suit your mood or setting. But the collection has far more to offer than just transforming cushions.

Modern patio furniture with red cushions Contemporary patio furniture set

The structure and base of each piece is designed using reinforced aluminum and solid wood accents. The modular furniture is designed with a modern taste but its soft edges and rounded ends make them a good fit for traditional settings, too.

But the simple design goes far beyond style; they’re cleverly crafted to allow mixing and matching, to extend or retract depending on your needs. The two sofa style pieces can be pushed together to form a daybed, and a chair can be joined to the end of a sofa to create a sectional.

Aluminium patio furniture Contemporary modular furniture set Transformable outdoor furniture

Moving on to the table models of the contemporary outdoor furniture collection, we see innovation take its rightful place. Constructed of the same formed aluminum, the tables also have a ceramic-plastic top which looks stylish but is actually removable. These very tops are attached with a hinged system and can be lifted up to waist level for easier access. The perfect adjustable tables for an evening of social gathering.

Modern table with lift up top Adjustable tables perfect for work Modular patio furniture with adjustable table tops Outdoor dining table with adjustable top Outdoor daybed
Studio and location shots: Arnaud Childeric – studio Kalice 

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