Have you seen designer décor and have immediately gotten depressed at the price of these wonderful additions to your home? Don’t worry, we have too. However, we are here to lighten your spirits with some great tips on creating the same designed look for a lot less! Thanks to Nadia from Preciously me, we are able to bring you some ideas on how to start your very one DIY Moroccan rug.  You never have to worry about having a drab carpet ever again!


This DIY Moroccan rug project is inspired by the Beni Ouarain rug collection that has become popular lately. The contrast of black on white, along with the beautiful diamond-shaped design, really makes the room pop from right under your feet! All you would need is a fresh carpet, masking tape, and a permanent black marker. Then you want to find someone really good with drawing sketches and calculating accurate measurements in order to create the diamond effect. After you have your mini-floor plan squared away, you want to begin taping in a diagonal. After this, you would take your marker and trace along one side of the tape. You would then tape going diagonally in the opposite way to repeat the marker tracing. Remove the tape and voila! You have your very own DIY Moroccan rug for a budget you’re comfortable with. Imagine all of the money that was saved doing a happy dance as it stays in your bank account.


With a DIY Moroccan rug project such as this one, you have the power to create an extravagant look in your home with a reasonable budget. Don’t worry; we’ll keep your little secret!

Published in: DIY | Author: Lynn