Not everyone is blessed with a spacious office or a work space that can accommodate a big desk and lots of shelving. Sometimes those of us who work in closet sized areas know the pain of a teeny, tiny work top. Adding a simple pencil holder can be a big sacrifice of surface area, and don’t even think about getting a potted plant! But have no fear! DIY desk organizers are here!

DIY Desk Organizers Tutorial

Follow this easy DIY desk organizer tutorial to create stylish organizers that take up zero work surface:

Anyone with a knack for crafts and a power drill can do it!

Materials needed to make DIY desk organizers

First up, materials list for 3 pieces:

  • Soup can, washed and dried
  • Loaf shaped pan or small planter box
  • Coffee tin, washed and dried
  • 4 grip clips, washers, nuts, and bolts
  • Heavy duty felt with sticky back
  • Your choice of spray paint, at least two colors
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver

Steps to assembling the clip on organizers:

  • Use the drill to make holes in your containers that line up with the clips
  • Choose a color and spray the inside of the containers. Get creative and paint them all a different color.
  • Flip over and paint the outsides one color. You could match your desk or the walls, whatever you prefer.
  • Next, take the color you used for the outside of your containers and spray paint the clips.
  • Let everything dry
  • Attach clips to containers using the drill or screwdriver
  • Measure and cut the felt into strips and attach the sticky side to the inside of the clips. This will reduce the risk of scratching your desk and give a better hold for the container.
  • Now you’re done! Simply clip the containers onto the sides of your desk and voila! A pencil holder, vase, and supply holder that take up zero surface space!

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Images and tutorial courtesy of Brit & Co

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