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The Shoe-shaped Bathtub

We’ve seen all kinds of unusual bathroom solutions, but this shoe-shaped bathtub gets the cake! It’s extravagant, luxury, it’s a peace of art!

Pink shoe-shaped bathtubBlack shoe-shaped bathtub

We’ve already discussed the marvelous work of the Italian mosaic manufacturer Sicis. As you can see in the pictures, the compliments were 100% deserved!

The Italian company has created a unique bathtub in the shape of a high heel lady’s shoe. How posh is that ?!  Of course, you need a really large bathroom to place such a master piece in it, but it’s totally worth!

Ultra girlish and extremely elegant, the high heel tub will make your bathroom one of a kind! It is covered with shiny glass tiles that resemble gem stones on designer shoes.

The bathtub could be placed not only in the bathroom, but also in the bedroom or ……. why not even in the living room!

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Published in: Design picks | Author: Lynn