There is something really special about a wooden bathtub. It adds a luxurious feel to almost every bathroom design, and it has a fabulous cozy factor.

Interior project: Buildinvest S.A.

These wooden bathtubs are designed and produced by Unique Wood Design – a family operated company that began building boats and yachts in 1979. Combining this specific experience with the latest technology, they now create individually crafted wooden bathtubs and sinks.

We love the pattern of this wooden bathtub. It has a gorgeous sheen, and the different shades of brown bring so much interest to the design. The curves are absolutely luscious, and the silver fixtures complement the bathtub perfectly.

This gorgeous bathtub has a delightful rectangular shape. It’s almost as if you could get in this one and completely disappear. The clean lines are gorgeous, and the color of the wood is earthy and inviting. We love the way this wooden bathtub is able to warm a stark white design.

Ah, yes. A large striking bathtub with a view. This is definitely the dream. The relationship between the loft space and the bathtub is amazing.

We are generally not big fans of this kind of wood, but we adore it in this space. It keeps the space bright, and it looks elegant against the tile floors and gorgeous gray walls. It also makes the room feel more earthy and grounded.

It’s not a wooden bathtub, but it’s so beautiful, we had to include it. The pattern created by the wood is fantastic, and the circular shape is sublime. If you want to add a spa-like feel to your bathroom, a wooden sink is a wonderful way to go.

We’re really big fans of wooden bathtubs in the home !  Not only do they add a luxurious touch, but they also add warmth.

They come in many different shapes, sizes, and finishes, creating endless possibilities.

What do you think ?  Have you ever considered including a wooden bathtub in your home ?

All images were sent by the manufacturer via email

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