How to Pet-Proof Your Garden
How to Pet-Proof Your Garden
Summer Porch Decorating Ideas and Tips

The Ultimate Comeback: Tropical Wallpapers

There was a time when tropical prints adorned every surface imaginable; wallpapers, clothing, and accessories. It was everywhere. But like any trend, it dwindled down to make room for something new.

Years later, that very same tropical wallpapers craze is making the rounds once again, but with a bolder, better range of prints. The gorgeous summer wallpaper designs by PIXERS that we have today feature loud, eye catching colors and are absolutely stunning!

Tropical wallpaper with birds Colorful tropical wallpaper

Among some of the tasteful tropical motives are designs showcasing birds, ferns, exotic flowers, and fruits. With summer trends upon us, we can begin planning ways to brighten up our spaces. Tropical wallpapers are definitely the way to go! The trick is to not go overboard, the wallcoverings are already so bold, you only need a dash here or there. Try a feature wall to brighten up your home office, the area behind a cocktail bar, a kid’s playroom, or create a simple strip design in your dining room. The options are endless as long as you do it smart.

But some people shy away from using such bold prints on their walls, and it’s usually because they’re at a loss of how to decorate against the backdrop. If you’re one of those print-shy individuals, take a deep breath and think outside the box. Fill the area with tropical plants and ferns to bring out the design in the paper. Adorn your sofas with pillows that are the same colors found in the print. Pull inspiration from the paper and create a unique atmosphere in your house, one that you can sit and enjoy throughout the year.

Green tropical wallpaper design Green and yellow tropical wallpaper design Living room tropical wallpaper Bathroom tropical wallpaper Bold and colorful tropical wallpaper Fern wallpaper Orchid tropical wallpaper

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