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Easy Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

If you are one of those people who decorate for every holiday and season, we can only imagine you are going to make your home especially festive for Thanksgiving this year. This is one of the best times of the year for decorating, because you get to implement both the autumn and harvest themed decorations in with the Thanksgiving decor. If you are looking for some new ideas or tips on how to decorate this year, read on; we’ve got some excellent ideas we think you’ll love.


These really can be used as decorations from the first day of fall through the month of November. Place pumpkins of all sizes and colors all around the home and outside of it. Those miniature ones are especially adorable, and come in different colors ranging from yellows, oranges, and greens (they even have stripes and dots all over them).

You can paint the pumpkins too; doing glittery paints or metallic paints is especially a fun approach to doing this. Come Thanksgiving, gather some of the small ones and grab some other naturally pretty vegetables (like squash) and put them in a decorative bowl in your kitchen or on your dining table.  You can even cut the top off of the pumpkins and gut them then place in them flowers or other decorative pieces; they’re now your own makeshift Thanksgiving vases!


You can make this look extravagant as you want to really, but this is a very simple thing to do. You can start with empty mason jars and fill them with nuts, then place candles inside of them and put them on your table. You can continue this idea with taking jars and filling them with autumn leaves (probably want to go fake on this one) and put in autumn flowers and other types of plants. You can even add in Christmas lights if you like to really give it some flair. Like we said this is entirely up to you on how this looks and how extravagant you’d like it to look.


Thanksgiving treats

You can make a whole variety of fun little desserts and treats for your family and friends who come to Thanksgiving dinner. You can make sugar cookies that look like turkeys; take decorative frosting and draw a simple face and feathers behind the face. You can even use candies to accomplish the look; use candy corns for the feathers and M&M’s for their eyes!

You can make little pilgrim hats with Reese’s miniature cups and chocolate wafer cookies. Place the Reese’s upside down on the cookies and take orange frosting to draw a sash and buckle. You now have hats!

Make little goodie bags for your guests that look like pumpkins. Take some tissue paper and make pumpkin shapes with them; twist them up at the top with more paper, and don’t forget to fill them with candies!

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