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Decorating For Thanksgiving With Natural Materials

Holiday season is officially upon us! The leaves have shed their lush green appearance to reveal striking golds and reds, it’s getting a little cooler and we all get an extra hour of rest! Not too shabby. With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, everyone is starting to grow closer to their families far and wide in preparation for the big feast.

More than likely, the big question swirling right now is, “Who is going to host this year?” If you find that someone pulled your name out of the hat, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with how to host your big family. Presentation is everything and along with all the latest family gossip, it would make your families’ eating experience that much more entertaining. Since you’ve already bought the turkey, it’s now time to focus on decorating your home in a way that will show off your skills of working with natural materials. Although Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, jotting down these ideas now would definitely do you some good and help you avoid the holiday rush at the stores.

The most important part of your Thanksgiving decorating should start at your dinner table. Festive centerpieces will make a world of difference with all the delicious food surrounding it. You might want to prepare for all kinds of cell phones to pop up out of nowhere in order to capture your dazzling dinner spread.

Flowers & Wheat Bouquets

Let’s start with your flower arrangements. You may think that incorporating natural materials into your décor may be troublesome, but when you get down to it, it has never been simpler. Grab the kids and start going on a treasure hunt for the best fall flowers you can find around your house! You probably have had some amazing flowers growing right under your nose. Getting creative with how to set them is even more fun! For example, arranging them in such a way to include a candle in the middle would be divine!

If you have nearby access to wheat, you can switch things up by dressing up the stalks with ribbons made of satin in a soft neutral color. The best thing about this is that you can feature several at a time in their self-standing glory!

Leaves, Branches & Cones

Another way to decorate your table with natural materials is to utilize existing décor in your dining room. If you have a low-hanging chandelier that doesn’t have a lot going on, you have the advantage to bring it to life with some cleverly arranged leaves and branches from your backyard or nearby park. If you’re feeling even more daring, you can experiment with your paper mache skills and create lovely tea candle light centerpieces with real leaves encased in vibrant colors. This would create a warm glow to your evening!

Fruits, Pumpkins & Corn

Have more fruit and veggies leftover from your cooking than you bargained for? Repurpose them for a good cause! Carnival squash and baby pumpkins come in just the right whimsical sizes and natural designs to instantly become tea light candle holders. You can also give the notorious candy apple a rustic makeover with small branches from trees as the handle to eat them off of. What a way to connect with nature!

 Dessert: Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Ok, even though we’re talking about decorating with natural materials, what could be more natural than wanting to have a little something sweet to nibble on after your food has went down? Here’s yet another chance to show off your hosting chops. Creating adorable cupcakes in various turkey themes and beyond will really win them over! I bet you never thought that candy corn could be this versatile.

Cupcake images via Buzznet

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