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Children's indoor playhouse
Children’s Indoor Tree House

Artistic Design in Porto Rico

Welcome to Vieques Island in Porto Rico! Welcome to a place beyond the expectations of a traditional summer resort! Here at W Retreat and Spa – Vieques Island you will have the opportunity to not only enjoy a pleasant vacation, but also to dive into the art of the famous designer Patricia Urquiola.

Colorful patterns predominate in the entire resort, starting from the day beds around the pool and ending with the stripped mats in the bathrooms.

The resort offers its guests breathtaking ocean views and one of the most unusual lobbies we’ve ever seen. In the pictures you can see how the lobby is designed as a huge living room, providing the same comfort and cozy atmosphere as the one in your own home. Here you can enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in your hand, read a book, or dance to the music played by a professional DJ.

The owners of the hotel tease:” Let your fantasies run wild and lose yourself in tropical indulgences—can we charm you with style, sophistication and sensational sunsets?

Our obvious reply would be: “You surely can!”


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