A Guidebook to Buying Luxury Rugs
A Guidebook to Buying Luxury Rugs
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Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree for Christmas 2020

While Christmas trees can be bought from most department stores in the run-up to the festive season, some homeowners won’t settle for anything other than a genuine tree which can then be decorated in yuletide finery.

If you plan on picking out a tree from a seller at your local forest or woodland in 2020, there’s a few things you should know before you simply opt for the first one you see. You’ll need to check how firm the branches are, how easily it retains its leaves and whether the tree becomes discolored easily. Also, it’s vital to get the correct measurement for the tree, because it’s not of much use to you if you can’t even get it through your front door.

Once you’ve carefully selected your tree, you’ll then need to get it home in good condition. A lot of people just tie it on to their roof rack, but it’s better to try and fit it inside your car so that it’s not exposed to unpleasant weather. Even if you’re keeping it under your roof, you should wrap it in a tarp, as this will prevent it from elements which could dry it out while also stopping your car from being scratched.

The people at Crowe Sawmills put together this infographic which gives useful advice on selecting a Christmas tree, getting it home and erecting it in an ideal place within your living room. There’s also some sensible safety pointers when it comes to adding the decorations; these merit particular attention for people with pets or small children.

Happy Holidays!

Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree [Infographic]

Published in: Christmas decor | Author: Alan Crowe


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