We all love the idea of having a huge bedroom to luxuriate in or welcome guests to. Unfortunately, this isn’t always practical. Yet, whether you have an apartment on the small size you need to decorate or the tiniest bedroom you’re trying to work out how to best design, it’s possible to pack lots of style into a limited space.

In fact, many people even prefer smaller sleeping areas because they feel so cozy. Regardless, here’s how you can embrace a small bedroom space and make it work for you or your guests today.

Small stylish bedroom

Keep Things Streamlined

The first tip is to avoid clutter in a compact bedroom. The more items you have in the area, the tinier it can seem, so streamline things as much as possible. Choose just a few fabulous furniture items to fit out the space with, and hide most of the smaller pieces behind closet doors or drawers.

You can still fit a decent-sized bed even in a petit room, so don’t skimp in this area. Choose the biggest option you can comfortably fit in the space. It can actually act as the main focal point in the bedroom that ties everything together. As this is a sleeping zone, invest in a quality latex mattress or other bed that suits your body well. Avoid opting for a super bulky bedhead, though; something with simple, clean lines is the best bet.

Simple bed design

You will probably need to avoid adding bedside tables, as this might be too much for the area you have to work with. The same goes for a large bench at the end of the bed and a big reading chair. Instead, consider using a pared-back wooden chair or stool to act as a bedside table and spot to sit as needed.

Maximize Storage Space

A small bedroom still needs plenty of storage space, so design this carefully. Look for places where you can build in storage spots rather than add bulky wardrobes, which may take up too much visual room. When you customize with built-ins, you can best utilize the space.

Take advantage of minimal and potentially awkward corners, niches, and under-window spaces to add cupboards or shelving. Keep these the same color as the walls so that the room appears bigger, too. In a compact bedroom, you’ll need to take advantage of all available surface areas. Be resourceful by using windowsills and the space under and around your bed, for instance.

Choose Suitable Furnishings

Making a small room look bigger than it is hinges substantially on choosing furnishings that suit the area. When decorating a little bedroom, opt for double-duty pieces since you won’t have room for everything you might otherwise choose. For example, buy a bed that comes with built-in drawers, build a handy desk into a bookshelf, or arrange the room so that your dresser can also work as a bedside table.

Also, it helps to select pieces made from materials that suit small areas. Glass and lucite, for instance, are perfect for compact zones as they don’t take up too much visual space and can help to reflect light.

Create the Illusion of More Space

Bedroom mirror

There are tricks you can use to create the illusion of more space, too. For example, incorporate mirrors in the room to act as a stand-in window and open up the area. They reflect natural and artificial light and make a place seem brighter as a result. Tall mirrors can draw the eye upwards, making the bedroom appear bigger, too. Another option is to hang drapery from up high. Similarly, go vertical with an art-based gallery wall.

Plus, take up as little floor space as possible. While you need to leave spots for bedroom users to move around the area, minimizing what’s on the floor also helps with appearances. Rather than including one or two big floor lamps in the bedroom, attach lighting to the walls. You still get the illumination you need, without the visual clutter.

Pay attention to scale in your cozy bedroom. Even the smallest detail, such as the vases or sculptures you choose as adornments, should reflect the space’s proportions. Less is more not only in the number of items you place in the room but also in their size.

Decorating a small bedroom doesn’t have to cause you a big headache. You simply need to adjust your expectations, work with the proportions you have, and be strategic in your choices.

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