No matter how big a family house may be, there’s always the need of yet more space. Kids grow up, parents get too stressed, grandparents grow older … Everybody would love to have their own nook to enjoy some quiet privacy. But when every room in the house is occupied, where to find some extra space to satisfy such needs? Look up! You’ve got an attic!

The attic is generally used as a storage space. But with the available large open-plan space it can be transformed into a perfect bedroom space. Away from the noise, with wonderful views from high, under the sloping roof – you couldn’t wish for a cozier atmosphere  to build the ideal place for relaxation.

If you have a wooden roof the best choice would be the vintage style furniture and if the roof is plastered and painted then you could go for furniture made of wrought iron or wood. The choice of furniture and design style will depend of course on who is going to enjoy the new attic bedroom. For children’s bedroom, lighter and flamboyant colors would be just right. Kids need space to play, so there’s no need to stuff too much furniture. Soft carpets, bean bags, a small wardrobe and a couple of shelves would be well enough. In case of a bedroom for parents or grandparents, romantic, modern or rustic, the design style and the choice of furniture items should match their expectations and aesthetic tastes.

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