Your bedroom is your private space and it’s not a room you’d let in curious eyes of strangers. It is why many would say that all this room needs is just a few key pieces of furniture to provide comfort and convenient storage – a bed, a wardrobe, a dresser. Sounds about enough. Yet, is it? Does it mean a bedroom needs not to be furnished and arranged in style, too? We think not!

The bedroom is far more than just a functional space. It’s that intimate haven where one can enjoy quiet and peace, relax and recharge, and it needs special ambiance which can be created through carefully designed and implemented interior.

Glamorous bedroom with a view

Ever wondered what would make your bedroom look truly stylish? We offer you 7 original ideas of stunning accents to create for a glamorous bedroom.

Fancy headboard

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, but what can make it look ever more attractive, is the headboard. These can be of many different types, depending on the bed itself, as well as on the overall interior design style of the space.

Bed with upholstered headboard

Large upholstered and veneer headboards are among the most popular. But it is often that neither the bed, nor the space would allow such a piece. Perhaps, for the better! With a bit of creativity you can then create stunning headboard-accents of original and deeply personalized design. Repurposed old wooden panels, screens, frames and even doors will add a touch of tender vintage romantics. Hang a rug on the wall behind the bed and it’ll make a wonderful headboard.

Mirrored nightstands / Bedside tables

Nightstands with super glossy, glass, or mirror surface are totally amazing! On one hand, they would match any color palette, reflecting all the hues and shades of the colors in the room, and so perfectly fit in. On the other hand, these items make most attractive accents themselves, for their original design and unconventional finish.

Mirror bedside table

Note: Beautiful as these items may be, though, their glossy surface shall require more attention and frequent cleaning to avoid cracks or fingerprints and stains.

Luxury bench

A small bench in front of the bed or by the window will serve as a convenient seat to use when dressing, or as an additional stand to throw onto some clothes, pillows or a blanket. It’s a practical and useful item not to be missed.

Luxury bedroom bench

But functionality can be beautiful, too! Such benches come in so many various designs, shapes and materials, that it would be easy to choose one that would match the bed and the bedroom interior style. And it also makes a great accent! Online furniture sites such as Furniturebox often have a wide variety of stock and sometimes offer very affordable deals so it’s worth having a quick browse.

Lounge chair / Chaise lounge

If you have a large bedroom, an elegant lounge chair or chaise lounge would be a perfect addition to the room.  Not only are these beautiful, featuring stunning design features and a variety of colors and fabrics, but they are also very comfortable items to relax on with a cup of tea and a nice book or a fashion magazine. A lounge chair will also add a touch of elegance and chic to the interior.

Luxury chaise lounge

Dressing table

Here’s something that no lady’s bedroom should be left without.  A dressing table of an elegant design not only makes a beautiful accent of the interior, but it is also that must-have furniture item every woman needs to stash away all her little treasures. Dressing tables come in various designs, build, materials and colors to match any interior style. Add a little fluffy pouf or a posh stool in front, and watch this ensemble turning your bedroom into the coziest place at home!

Dressing table

Room divider / Screen

The screen is another very practical item that can easily be turned into a stylish interior accent.  It can serve as a smart room divider and also provides a space to conveniently store various items out of sight.

Bedroom with a screen

Screens may be considered by some as a ‘breeze from the past’, yet the contemporary market offers these items in many various and elegant designs and shapes.  Romantic vintage, exotic Asian, or contemporary glossy, any would make a pleasing element of the furnishing, adding delicate style and romance in the ambiance of the bedroom.

Wall Art Piece

With wall art options are endless! You only have to choose a piece that would best express your personal taste and match the interior style of the bedroom. It could be a painting, a photo, a poster, or just a large richly decorated picture frame on the wall that would complete the vision of the interior and draw the attention. The topics of the image are endless, too – from romantic land- and seascapes, through family photos, to abstract drawings. Choose one that would make you feel good.

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