Your master bedroom should be your sanctuary, a safe haven to decompress after a hectic day, and an oasis to recharge, so you’re prepared for the long workdays ahead. Unfortunately, most homeowners neglect their bedrooms and devote more attention to the common living spaces (the living spaces more visible to both expected and unexpected guests.)

But it’s time to make a change. Read on to discover the best ways to transform your master bedroom into the relaxing retreat it should be.

Relaxing bedroom design

Upgrade Your Mattress

An estimated 50% of American adults have some form of sleeping disorder. Without a good night’s sleep, you’ll spend the following day feeling lethargic and energy-deprived. Fortunately, most sleeping disorders can be solved by good sleeping habits and a good mattress. It is recommended that you change your mattress every seven years, so it’s time to ditch that mattress from your high-school days.

Even if you haven’t hit that seven-year mark, it may be in your best interest to upgrade immediately, especially if you are experiencing discomfort with your current mattress.

In the mattress market, you can choose from a long selection of mattress types that are compatible with your sleeping position and needs. Generally, the memory foam mattress is known to be the most comfortable for the broadest scope of sleepers, as it conforms to your shape while you rest.

Relaxing on a memory foam mattress

Switch to Carpeted Floors

While hardwood flooring is the most highly-regarded flooring material, it may not be the best choice for the bedroom. A carpet may be a better option for your master bedroom for several reasons.

For one, a carpet softens the steps and reduces footstep noise made while you are asleep. Unlike hardwood floors that reflect sound, carpet absorbs everyday noise–allowing you to sleep soundly, while your partner moves freely around the bedroom.
To add an element of comfort, carpets are also much softer to walk on and can even prevent everyday slips and falls.

For the best of both worlds, you can opt for a plush area rug to cover the hardwood floor in specific areas. You can place a rug on each side of the bed, next to the bench, and alongside sitting and dressing areas. The sky’s the limit, and the floor’s your canvas.

Install Dimmable Light Switches

Good lighting has the power to set the right mood in your bedroom. When transforming your master bedroom into a personal oasis, soft LED lights are better than bright, jarring lights. Replace the giant overhead lighting with ambient lighting.

Having smaller lamps in different areas of the bedroom allows you to customize your lighting and tailor your lights to your specific needs. Using dimmable LED lighting is another flexible lighting solution that allows customization.

Higher intensities are useful when you want better lighting coverage, while lower lighting is best for mood lighting. Technology has made installing dimmable lights very simple. There are a variety of wireless dimming kits available in the market. All it requires is that you replace the old bulb with the dimmable model.

Master bedroom lighting

Add Blackout Curtains

The average adult should get a minimum of seven hours of sleep every day. This sleep quota may be challenging if your bedroom windows don’t have adequate blind coverage.

Light from a street lamp or unending stream of headlights can be a nuance when you’re trying to sleep, especially during the summer months. Blackout curtains can block out all the light, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

They are not only useful at night. Blackout curtains can also block out the morning sun that interrupts your sleep. Blackout curtains also make it possible to slip in a quick, midday nap.

Avoid Loud Wall Art

When decorating your bedroom, don’t get carried away. Try to avoid very bright or neon colors, and instead, use the muted variations of your favorite color.

According to color psychology, the colors around you can have a significant effect on your mood. Studies have shown that red is associated with excitement, and orange conveys warmth.

Brighter colors are more likely to agitate you and send you spiraling into a bad mood. To make your bedroom a retreat, opt for soothing colors such as coral, pastel pink, spa blue, and pale gold. Before you embark on your next DIY bedroom project, remember the power of color.

Calming color palette for the bedroom

Incorporate Natural Design Elements

Even if you are going for a contemporary theme in the bedroom, a touch of nature is always a good addition. Natural designs mimic the great outdoors and bring about a relaxing effect.

Incorporating touches of wood is the most popular and easiest way to achieve this natural feel.  Consider adding decorative trunks or twisted branches to your bedroom. Wooden furniture like coffee tables also enhances the natural feeling.

Create a Reading Nook

Curling up with a good book can be one of the most relaxing ways to pass the time. A great piece of literature can transport from your hectic life into a different world. Reading can even help you release the stresses of the day and put you in a better mood.

However, reading on your bed tends to be uncomfortable (or may even lead to an accidental nap). This is why you should set up a reading nook matching the interior style of your bedroom. Set aside one corner of the bedroom for this purpose. All you need is a comfortable armchair, a small table or shelf, and ample lighting.

Small reading nook

Avoid Clutter

It’s near-impossible to relax while staring at a heap of unfolded laundry, piles of old magazines, or stacks of paper. Cleaning your room regularly and throwing away anything you don’t need is a great start to decluttering your bedroom.

Make your bed, clean the bedside, and keep the pillowcases fresh. You will be surprised how this simple act makes it easier to have some peace in the bedroom.

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