The bathroom of the future is full of wonderful inventions, all of which are designed to help you stay healthy throughout your life. Smart gadgets, time saving devices and all with a personal touch – the bathroom of the future will be special. Based on the infographic found on Good to be home in the future our bathrooms will be equipped with diagnostic machines, such as a mirror that can sense when you are healthy or when you may be unwell. This mirror will be similar to having your own personal doctor on call; able to give you a check up whilst you stand in front of it brushing your teeth or hair.

The Bathroom of the Future

Imagine standing there each morning going through your normal routine as your smart mirror scans your entire body, collecting and collating data that can be transferred wirelessly to the device or office of your doctor. This would allow early detection of any health problems or changes to your metabolism, blood pressure, respiratory rate etc. Treatment suggestions could then be automatically forwarded to your own smartphone or similar future device enabling you to take action almost immediately if necessary.

The fittings in your bathroom would also aid in detecting illnesses or subtle changes in your bodily functions. Your toilet and wash basin would be smart and help to collect samples or data if needed, possibly controlled by the smart Doctor mirror, the possibilities are endless.

The bathroom of the future would be hygienic, possibly even self-cleaning – have an amazing amount of smart devices disguised in everyday items. It need not look like a surgery, laboratory or doctors waiting room, instead it should look exactly as you want it to, but with hidden technology that works to ensure you stay healthy at all times.

In the bathroom of the future your health is a priority, which helps you to lead a full and active life without the added stress of health issues. All of the functions of your bathroom fittings could be automated to suit your individual needs, from automatic shavers to self-filling dispensers for personal cleaning products.

Published in: Bathroom | Author: Lynn