For those who truly seek comfort (well, an eye for design never hurt) look no further than this wonderful, cottage-esque cozy home. Whether you are in the kitchen area, the dining area, the living room, the bedroom, or even the bathroom, you will notice and feel just how perfectly snug this home really is. The hallway even gives a restful feeling; somehow a space meant purely for walking through and potentially storing things has made itself a cozy hallway.


The dining and kitchen areas bring about that cottage appeal to the cozy apartment; while the kitchen is a bit more modern  with the starkly white whites and cabinets, the dining area’s accent of brick and use of whicker and simple furniture create a very inviting place to sit, while looking absolutely darling.


This home is wrapped up with the living room; while it is decorated far less than the rest of the home, its appeal is just as strong as the rest of the rooms. The use of nearly all white furniture somehow juxtaposes itself against the walls, creating depth in the room with complete simplicity. The home flows together perfectly from this point creating a perfect space for comfort and of course, coziness.


The bedrooms especially add to the overall feel of this apartment; for one the master bedroom has a little fireplace in it! How perfect is that during the winter? With its lovely deep plum accents and addition of plants, the room’s homeliness is truly inviting. The nursery room is also so pleasant and warm; with lovely hues of green the room is perfect for soothing a newborn right to sleep.

incredibly-charming-and-cozy-home-8Images found here (website in Finnish)

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