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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with These Luxury Condos in Florida

Setting new benchmarks in luxury living, these two condominiums in sunny Florida are steeped in grand desires and big impressions. From design to detail, every aspect and facet offers an opportunity for sheer romance, winning over hearts and minds in a jiffy.

L’Atelier in Miami Beach

Palazzo del Sol is a six star residential condominium on Fisher Island offering 47 exclusive residences over 10 stories, while L’Atelier brings us 21 fabulous homes that stand tall on picturesque Miami Beach. Bringing together a rich resource of designers, ideas, inspirations and indulgences, these luxury condos are hard to ignore or resist, and here are five reasons why.

1. Fabulous Location

The grand Atlantic Ocean sets a shimmering blue stage that offers incredible panoramic vistas amid which these luxury condos are set. The Biscayne Bay meets the ocean where the Palazzo del Sol is located, creating poignant moments celebrating nature’s magnificence. If you prefer a little more bustle to your neighborhood, then L’Atelier is sure to win you over, offering a home in one of the most exclusive addresses on the planet.

Palazzo del Sol in Fisher Island

Amazing Architecture

Both these luxury condos are brought to light in cutting edge style, using design and space to communicate ambition and essence. Architect Kobi Karp brings us the Palazzo del Sol, while L’Atelier has been crafted and realized by architect Luis Revuelta and interior designer Holly Hunt. From its façade to its very heart, each space and every facet of these exclusive developments is designed with flair and uninhibited panache- inside and out.

L’Atelier Penthouses

Great Landscape

Whether looking to the work of nature or marveling at manmade interventions, the landscape brings its own magic to this living experience. From the tropical paradise of Fisher Island to the seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces by landscape architect Enzo Enea, the condos embrace their surroundings to animate and amplify the spaces and activities that inhabit them.

Palazzo del Sol North Entrance

 Luxury Interiors

Crisp and inspiring, the interiors here are created to match- if not outdo- the natural spectacles they overlook. With a clean, contemporary feel, the condos bring the very best in interior design to your everyday- no expenses spared. Add to that a host of amenities such as the spa, sauna, gym, hammock garden, library, meeting rooms and private beaches, and you are thoroughly spoilt for choice.

L’Atelier Penthouse interiors
Palazzo del Sol Residences interiors

 Beautiful Views

If ever there was a house with a view, these luxury condos might very well be it. With broad, breath taking views of the Atlantic and its surrounds, the oceanfront offers a dynamic and awe-inspiring backdrop to your life and times, as they play out in these stylish homes. While the lower levels dwell in the tropical delights that set these parts apart, the penthouses on the upper level literally float over a rich interplay of color, texture and detail- a true treat for your eyes.

Palazzo del Sol North Lobby
L’Atelier Lower pool deck

Watch the video presentation about L’Atelier Miami Beach below

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