Have you ever wondered what the home of tomorrow will look like and how technology is changing the way we live? The home of tomorrow is on its way bringing some rather innovative accessories and equipment that will alter our lives forever – Are you ready for it?

What can you expect from the home of tomorrow

The home of tomorrow will come ready to live in with upgraded facilities and many energy saving appliances. Solar panels, wind turbines and thermal systems are just some of the ways your future home could be powered or heated. Microgeneration and renewable energies are the way forward, not only do they save you money but you could also benefit from government grants and buy back schemes.

Your lighting will be controlled by a smart program, making extra savings, and of course all light bulbs will be LED or similar low energy bulbs. All of your heating and cooling will be thermostatically controlled to provide a constant, comfortable temperature in any weather.

In the kitchen and bathroom of tomorrow

The kitchen of your new home will be fun of time and energy saving gadgets, everything from WiFi washing machines to a smart fridge with a brain (computer) that can tell you how long each item has been there and when you need to restock. Halogen and induction cooking will lessen the amount of time you spend making your favorite meals. Hydrotherapy baths fitted with bluetooth devices will be found in your new bathroom, where the mirror may also double as a media unit and your toilet will clean and dry you after use. And of course do not forget the robot helpers who will keep your entire home clean while you enjoy life.

The home of tomorrow’s entertainment system

In the home of tomorrow your entertainment system will be out of this world; gone will be the television set as we know it, it will be replaced with brand new technology. 4K TV has top of the range 4 x HD picture quality and will be alongside digital services such as pay as you go movies and programs and also the next generation of gaming equipment.

Security in the home of tomorrow

Security devices will be smart, and take care of you, your family and possessions. Linked to your smartphone and highly efficient they could even notify police if there’s ever a problem or break in. Door locks will change in the home of tomorrow and you will see personal entry systems that recognize you and welcome you home.

Check out the Infographic found on Eurofit Direct:


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