Hypothetical scenario: let’s say you just moved to Canada. You got a great deal on a piece of property and you think you’re ready for your first Canadian winter. But halfway through the season, you’re suddenly up to your eyeballs in utility bills!

These days, efficiency is a major concern for homeowners. Spending a small amount now to upgrade your property can save you a lot of money on electrical, water, and heating bills later on. Whether you moved up north without realizing how much your thermostat would work overtime or you want to do your part to preserve the environment, here are three easy and affordable ways to make your home more efficient.

Home Efficiency

Improve Energy Efficiency with Solar Panels

Solar panels have been the talk of homeowners for a while now, and for good reason. There is simply no better way to upgrade your energy efficiency when you just purchased Halton Real Estate, for example. This increases the value of your property, and decreases the cost of electrical bills. While this is mainly for homeowners who expect to remain in their current house for a long time, it’s not as extensive—or expensive—an addition as it sounds.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to go all-in by adding an entire solar array to your property in an attempt to become fully energy efficient. Simply adding a few panels to the roof of your building while still utilizing your local electrical grid means you’ll always have enough energy to power your appliances, but the amount you actually need to pay for is effectively halved.

Improve Water Efficiency with Smart Plumbing

Every time you turn on a faucet, it’s not just water that goes trickling down the rain. It’s money, too. It’s estimated that the average family uses approximately 40 gallons of water a day, just from showering! But recent innovations in plumbing technology (yes, that’s a thing) have given us the bathing equivalent of the smartphone: the smart showerhead!

Able to sense when someone is under it, smart shower heads can actually reduce water usage when you step away from them. It might seem like a small change, but it adds up quickly. Smart dishwashers and smart faucets also exist, allowing you to drastically reduce how much water you waste.

Improve Heat Efficiency with Better Insulation

The biggest part of keeping your home warm in the winter (or cool in the summer) is preventing leaks. A lot of energy is used to heat your home, but without proper insulation, all that warmth flows out while the outdoor cold creeps in. Houses are big things, though, and there are a lot of small hidden cracks and crevices throughout, especially in the attic and basement. Adding professional insulation to these rooms can make a huge difference.

Another way heat tends to escape is through door and window frames. Even if your doors and windows are shut tight, the outer edges and corners of the frames can often hide small gaps. Look closely; it might be time to add some sealant or install a whole new replacement.

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