With ‘smart’ technology being slotted in to so many different aspects of our daily lives ranging from smartphones and smartwatches, to smart televisions and everything in between we can now use these devices to control household item around us such as kitchen appliances, lighting and even home security. Getting your home connected is slowly becoming something that nearly of us are buying in to in some form or another. Whether it’s something as simple as having Wi-Fi or whether you have your entire residence connected up to help you take full control of everything that happens in and around your home it does appear that ‘smart homes’ are the future.

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There’s a range of off the shelf products that home owners can buy for their houses that have some form of ‘smart’ based technology installed in them. The idea behind these simple to use and easy to setup products is to appeal to those not necessarily tech savvy enough and to help those who aren’t really capable of having to drill holes and rewire their homes just to put these innovative devices in place. These plug-and-play products are appealing to many for their simplicity, however the future of ‘smart homes’ will be dependent on deeper implemented systems and infrastructures that control elements around your home.

Smart technology looks slick, modern and tech lovers everywhere will want to slowly convert their homes into a fully futuristic hub, where they can control everything from the touch of a screen or the flick of your wrist. At the moment the technology is still priced high and therefore more budget friendly solutions are more appealing to many. Motion-sensor lighting, security facilities, heating sensors that you control from your smartphone and a whole host of kitchen-based smart-tech like fridges that keep track of the contents inside, remote oven monitors, and even intelligent frying pans will all gradually enter our daily home lives.

As technology grows then so will the ‘smart home’. If you choose to make your home more interconnected and ‘smart’, it will likely have an advantage in the future if you decide to sell it.  This could play a pivotal part in helping to sell your house quickly. We only have to take a look at how modern cars and other vehicles already utilize technology to such a great extent. Not only can they track, locate, measure and add more security and convenience to your driving experience but they’re also setup to connect and interact with your own personal smart devices like your phone, tablet or music player.

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