Sash windows can bring charm and style to any age of house and are often considered as the most beautiful type of window available to buy today. This style of window first became popular during Georgian and Victorian times where they were mainly seen in the upmarket homes and houses of the wealthy. They are made of glass panels fitted together with a mechanism that often allows the bottom half of the window to be raised via a pulley system built into the casement.

Modern sash windows are built a little differently and therefore do not suffer the problems that older styles seemed to be prone to. There are many different designs available to buy today and we shall discuss the options in this informative article. With advances in technology and machinery you can now find this type of windows in a wide variety of designs. The principles are still fairly similar and the quality in general has improved a lot, but the main thing that stands out is how aesthetically pleasing sash windows are to look at.

Traditionally sash windows were made of two square panels, upper and lower (the latter being the opening section). The panels were of equal height and could have 6 small panes of glass in each separated by wooden bars or simply a pane of glass in each panel. Today’s windows can be made with curved or arched tops, as many panes of glass as you require and can be made to fit large window openings.

You also have a large choice of color for your windows, fittings that can be picked to match in with your décor and also materials that the window frames themselves are manufactured from. These windows are versatile, attractive and come in as many design options as you can think of to make your home look at its best from inside and out.

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