So you’re ready to get started on those long awaited home projects, you say? When preparing to makeover your home, it’s expected to put some serious thought work into what you want to accomplish. Our minds are so powerful that we can create an entirely new reality with just the layout of our revamped home in our mind’s eye.

Everything from colors, flooring, furniture and textures can be imagined in real time and in vivid accuracy. After that, it’s time to convert that reality into the real world where you’re able to see an objective perspective of your genius creations. Now, this process usually involves some paper, pens and maybe some colored pencils if you are feeling a little fancy.

The vision you have created in your mind starts to take form on paper in a way that makes perfect sense to you. However, I bet you could admit that your drawn vision could use a little more oomph. Sometimes a more 3D visual is needed. How would you like to convert your home design visions to a medium that’s a bit more realistic?

Thanks to HomeByMe, you’re able to take space planning into your own hands! If you’ve always wondered how the professionals do it, then here’s your VIP pass into the next level in designing homes. If you’ve ever played The Sims, a well-known game that allows you to create your own home and family, then you already have a basic idea of what to expect. With just the click of a button, you will automatically have excess to the HomeByMe software. From there, you can either upload your already prepared space plan to get started or start from scratch with your own ideas.

After determining the space, you can start digitally installing your windows, walls, doors, floors, stairs and other structural features. After designated your various rooms and other areas, it’s time to add the supporting materials. HomeByMe provides great inspiration by giving you the option to choose materials and paints from name brand manufacturers. This software also makes interior design a lot more fun by sparking inspiration with name brand furnishings to choose from their vast catalog. After seeing your vision come to life right before your eyes, you can share your creation with friends and even the professionals you hired to physically get the job done!

The reason why HomeByMe is so innovative in its approach is because it really helps both the designer and the designing team come on one accord with zero confusion. With a catalog that includes real brands, you’re able to get exactly what you are looking for at an actual store without trying to match up something close to what you really want. No more settling! Another benefit to using HomeByMe is that your home design process is able to go a little smoothly since all the guesswork has already been configured. You don’t have to wait anxiously for certain phases when everything can be done digitally. Once you send it to your designing team, the project becomes a lot more efficient with minimized risks of mistakes. Essentially, you are creating an interactive vision board that’s one-hundred percent yours. Not to mention you can show off your new skills to all your friends and family who will also be inspired to create their own. It’s the gift that never stops giving!

The best part about this new way of designing is that you can get started right now! A free download is all it takes to start creating the kind of home you want!

Planning your home design is easier than ever before! (1)Planning your home design is easier than ever before! (2)Planning your home design is easier than ever before! (3)Planning your home design is easier than ever before! (4)Planning your home design is easier than ever before! (5)

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  1. Peter Charlton says:

    I find it a bit off putting in that I can only find wood burning fires etc. I have yet to find 1 wall mounted electric fire. Any suggestions ?

  2. peng says:

    i want front elevation of my constrocted corner house