Beautiful apartment in Stockholm
Beautiful apartment in Stockholm
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Home ownership: Paying for that perfect new nest

The urge to purchase a home strikes different people at different times. Some people are ready to buy their own place as soon as they get their first job after finishing school. Others want to become owners when they get married or have a child.

Here are 3 essential tips to help you pay for your new home:

Before you rush out be sure you are ready for home ownership. There are plenty of advantages to owning your own home, however there are also drawbacks and some people are better of renting for a few more years. Consider these tips to help you pay for your home and as you read these tips, you might also consider the pros and cons of buying a house right now.

1. Shop for home loans

Most people take out a loan to purchase a new house from lenders. This is especially true of first-timers. There are plenty of banks and mortgage companies who are eager to give people mortgages. You probably already know that your good credit and established work history can help you get better interest rates.

  • Shop around for the best interest rates and terms.
  • Of course, you can refinance later, but there are costs involved in refinancing too.
  • If your credit and work history have some issues that make loan companies charge you more because you seem risky, you might decide it really is prudent to wait. It is a lot easier to get out of an apartment lease than a mortgage.

2. Save up for a down payment

Even if you do take out a loan, you might want to put down enough of a down payment so you will already have some equity in your house. In other words, you will probably want to be sure you have set aside a nest egg before you buy your nest!

Some banks and mortgage companies will offer you lower rates if you can put down a larger down payment. This could be 20% of the home’s selling price. There are lenders who will make loans if you have a smaller down payment and you can even find some who will not require one at all.

3. Add up all of the costs of home ownership

You need to realize that your new house will cost more than just a monthly mortgage payment. You have to consider homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, utilities, repairs, and more. That is another reason why it is a good idea to be certain that you are financially stable before you choose to buy a house. While you are saving for a down payment, be sure you also set some extra money aside to pay for unexpected expenses. Paycheque to paycheque living and home ownership is a dangerous mix!

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